Graff’s Epic New High Jewelry Collection Is the Biggest in Its History

“Graffabulous” uses over 3,600 individual gems to create more than 80 one-of-a-kind pieces.

Graff "Graffabulous" High Jewelry Collection Graff

Excess is best. At least that’s the takeaway from Graff’s newest high jewelry collection, Graffabulous, which features the most high jewelry pieces the brand has ever introduced at one time.

Unveiled in late April, Graffabulous is an ode to the women of ancient mythology. It is composed of more than 80 pieces of one-of-a-kind jewelry laden with more than 3,600 carats of gemstones in total, including 1,877 carats of white diamonds, 678 carats of yellow diamonds, 616 carats of sapphires, 414 carats of emeralds and 101 carats of rubies.

Graff "Goddess of the Sun" White and Yellow-Diamond Necklace

Graff “Goddess of the Sun” White and Yellow-Diamond Necklace  Graff

Of the 20 high jewelry necklaces in the collection, the highlights include a “Goddess of the Sun” necklace festooned with 73.15 carats of pear-shape yellow diamonds and 74.52 carats of pear-shaped white diamonds, culminating in a 22.08-carat pear-shape yellow diamond drop; a “Goddess of the Sea” necklace strung with 46.81 carats of pear-shape, oval and cushion-cut fancy vivid yellow diamonds (not to mention 38.49 carats of white diamonds) that look almost too saturated to be believed; and a “Goddess of Divinity” necklace featuring 63.45 carats of emerald-cut, pear-shaped and round diamonds in an intricate motif marked by convex shapes and contrasting diamond cuts, with a matching pair of 11.25-carat earrings to boot!

Graff "Goddess of Divinity" Dimaond Necklace and Earrings

Graff “Goddess of Divinity” Diamond Necklace and Earrings  Graff


The collection is rife with spectacular rings—25 to be exact. Chief among them is the “Goddess of the Sea” ring centered on a 38.13-carat ExEx D flawless cushion-cut diamond set in a minimalist four-claw setting. As a Type IIa diamond, the stone is distinguished by its purity. In fact, in ancient times, it would have been described as a gem “of the finest water,” a reference to the transparency of its crystal.

Graff "Goddess of the Sea" Diamond Ring

Graff “Goddess of the Sea” 38.13-carat ExEx D-Flawless Diamond Ring  Graff

To promote the collection, Graff has created an elaborate campaign starring three models, American-born Grace Elizabeth, French-born Aya Jones and Qun Ye, who hails from Guangzhou, China. Portrayed as legendary women in ancient mythology, the women were photographed in a secret location that satisfied Graff’s demanding brief.

Graff "Goddess of the Waterfall" Necklace

Graff “Goddess of the Waterfall” Necklace  Graff

“Our original concept was to take our audience somewhere impossible—to a fantasy Graff Island, home to the most fabulous jewels in the world,” according to a statement provided to Robb Report. “These pieces represent the pinnacle of our high jewelry creations—each one is the embodiment of pure fantasy. We scoured the world looking for locations that would have the diversity of raw nature to capture the full odyssey of the campaign—from roaring oceans, deep jungles, sheer mountain tops and pristine beaches.”

Graff "Legends of the Mermaids" White Diamond Necklace

Graff “Legends of the Mermaids” White Diamond Necklace  Graff

“The campaign will unfold as a six-part odyssey—the ‘Legend of Mermaids’ is our first chapter,” according to the statement. “These are storytelling jewels, each chapter draws inspiration from powerful women of ancient mythology, retold by our three contemporary Graff Goddesses.”

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