H. Stern’s New Jewelry Combines Nature with Punk Rock

Bird and butterfly motifs decorate the new music-inspired collection…

The new Rock Season collection from the Brazilian jeweler H. Stern blends romantic nature motifs with subversive punk-rock elements like spikes and darkened metal. The result is a range of butterflies and birds set in striking darkened gold and rose gold with diamond accents that recall the intricate and idyllic jewelry of the Victorian era.

The items in the Rock Season collection (starting at $1,700) depict the different seasons through animals in flight. Summer and spring are represented by butterflies in 18-karat rose gold, some set with Cognac diamonds or pink morganites; the punk-rock look is expressed in long spike-shaped earrings and pendants surrounded by wings. A ring is shaped like a stylized butterfly embracing the finger, while a bracelet takes the shape of wings wrapped around the wrist. The cooler autumn and winter seasons are expressed with soaring birds mostly in what the brand calls Noble gold, which is its exclusive gold alloy in a Champagne hue. In some pieces the metal is darkened to reflect the rock-and-roll spirit, while other designs have striking emeralds.

The standout piece of the Rock Season collection is the Maxi-Necklace ($282,000), featuring 15 large rectangular smoky quartzes that weight nearly 600 carats in total. It is adorned with tiny butterflies and birds encrusted with white and Cognac diamonds. (www.hstern.net)

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