Hamilton Jewelers Introduces Breathtaking Melo Pearl Necklace

The finest quality Melo pearls produce a flame pattern, similar to that found in conch pearls, and can be seen rolling across the pearl’s surface. Pearls exhibiting this pattern are extremely rare. This one-of-a-kind necklace handcrafted in platinum features a 39-carat Melo pearl with a rich orange hue and the elusive flame pattern accented with rose-cut diamonds and pink conch pearls to create this graceful symphony of brilliance.

One of the most rare and valuable of all natural pearls, it has been estimated that approximately 10,000 conch pearls must be harvested before a single pearl is found. The conch pearl can be found in a wide variety of colors from white to yellow, orange, pink and red, the latter being the most sought after.

Considered one of the most magnificent of all natural pearls, some Melo pearls can reach sizes of 400 + carats ranging in color from papaya orange to shades of yellow, beige, brown, and white.

This bespoke piece was recently showcased at an international jewelry show and is now featured in Hamilton’s Princeton, NJ boutique.  For more information, please call 1-800-5-HAMILTON, contact:  David Kaster, Vice President.

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