Jewelers Unblocked Appoints New Director of Marketing

NEW YORK, NY Jewelers unBLOCKed is pleased to announce the appointment of Diane Fowler as its new director of marketing. Fowler will lead all Jewelers unBLOCKed marketing initiatives alongside Luxury Brand Group, a marketing and public relations agency specializing in brand communications for the jewelry and luxury industries.

Fowler recently retired as Executive Director of the Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and New Hampshire, after a 35-year career within PIA and the insurance industry. She was honored in 2013 with PIA’s Distinguished Service award for her many accomplishments within the insurance industry. Fowler graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology and received her MBA from the State University of New York at Albany.

“With her extensive knowledge, expertise and reputation within the insurance industry, Diane is exceptionally capable of assisting in the growth of Jewelers unBLOCKed,” states Jewelers unBLOCKed President and CEO Patricia Low.  “Her leadership and experience makes her a welcomed addition to our team.”

Fowler will be responsible for promoting the programs offered by Jewelers unBLOCKed: its exclusive jewelers block program, and its Collectors Edition portfolio of coverages designed for the discerning private client.

About Jewelers unBLOCKed: Jewelers unBLOCKed, offered by CED 1976,LLC. is a proprietary insurance portfolio providing coverage to the jewelry industry and the private collector. Jewelers unBLOCKed provides the underwriting and issuance of the exclusive jewelers block policy offered through the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. The program addresses the specific challenges of the jewelry industry. This unique program offers coverage to fit the needs of jewelry retailers, designers, wholesalers and manufacturers. In addition, the Jewelers unBLOCKed Collector Edition portfolio of services offers tailored insurance programs created to meet the heightened exposures of the discerning private client. For more information about Jewelers unBLOCKed, please visit www.jewelers-unblocked.com.

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