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Jewelry Designer Mimi So Unveils New Wonderland Collection

Mimi So is an influential jewelry designer, highly regarded in the fashion and jewelry fields. She is a Director of the Council of Fashion Designers, recognized for having pioneered the blending of fine jewelry with fashion. 

She is an award-winning role model, leading by example. And as an entrepreneur, she continues to shape her international brand. Her vision, creativity and signature designs are rooted in passions for “living” art, fashion, music travel and architecture. The brand is modern luxury lifestyle — jewelry that you can wear every day. Mimi So’s new collection, Wonderland, is a mystical yet playful reflection of such creativity where she invites everyone into her world, her personal wonderland.

“For many years, I felt as if the mysterious roads I followed throughout my life led me down the proverbial rabbit hole. I never knew to where or what they would lead to on the other side. So I relied on my art to keep me focused and steady,” says the designer. 

Regarding her new collection, she continues: “Art became my memoir, and Wonderland was born. Wonderland is the embodiment of a series of personal journeys which have led me to a colorful place in life, a vibrant enchanted forest where I am free to let go and drift into my imagination. It’s a creative enclave where I can color beyond the lines and think outside the box.”

“Wonderland is a nurturing place full of exuberant creatures that represent qualities and traits which are important to me,” she says. “The protagonist of this world, the bee, is an emotional symbol for me because it represents the buzz of life. She is surrounded by a close community and produces one of the sweetest elixirs in existence: honey. But if you disturb her, you’ll be stung. It’s this life contradiction that draws me to her. The other characters — the owl, the butterfly, the ladybug, the bird, the orchid and the oak — you will meet as they come to life in the precious jewels that comprise this deeply personal collection.”


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