Jewelry Designer Q&A: LA’s Laura Freedman Talks Must-Have Gems

Broken English boutique owner Laura Freedman reveals her favorite designs and the artists that bring her inspiration…

Laura Freedman’s flagship Broken English shop in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles offers works from dozens of talented artisans—from Anita Ko to Nak Armstrong and beyond. Eleven years on, Freedman has expanded with a shop in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, and this weekend Broken English will unveil its third location in Newport Beach. We spoke with the LA native and got her take on current trends, must-have gems, and more…

What jewelry designers are inspiring you right now?

 I’ve been feeling very inspired by Zobel and Silvia Furmanovich—I admire their innovation and artistic talent. I’ll also never stop being inspired by designers like Anita Ko and Jennifer Meyer. They make stunning pieces that are both timeless and great for everyday wear.

What pieces do you wear from day to night?

 I never take out my Maria Tash hoops! They transition seamlessly from day to night, and I love the ease of wearing pieces that are perfect for every occasion.

What gems are you drawn to right now?

 I’ve been attracted to lapis and malachite lately. Lapis pieces fit so well into my personal collection of jewelry and can be easily dressed up or down. They’re incredibly versatile, and I even recently purchased some gorgeous slabs of lapis to be used as displays in my stores. And malachite is just so striking and mesmerizing!

What’s your go-to statement piece?

A vintage charm necklace that my aunt gave to me when I was seven years old. She had collected the charms from all over the world, so it’s both beautiful and priceless to me.

Which vintage jewelry designs are taking center stage this year?

The most popular vintage designs this year are bold, chunky Art Deco and mid-century modern pieces. It’s an exciting direction to be moving in, because it allows everyone to have some fun and make a statement.

What jewelry trend are you excited about this year?  

I’m really looking forward to bigger, bolder pieces! Everyone loves classic and simple designs, because they never go out of style. But there’s something so fun about experimenting with innovative, new designs.

What should every woman have in her jewelry wardrobe?

Every woman should have an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage pieces in her jewelry wardrobe, with each of the pieces being symbolic and meaningful to her. And you can never go wrong with a Cartier Love bracelet! (brokenenglishjewelry.com)

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