Kimberly McDonald

geode jewelry of Kimberly McDonald (www.kimberlymcdonald.com; available at Bergdorf Goodman, 800.558.1855) “gets you noticed,” says the New York–based jeweler herself. To find the geodes for her eye-catching designs, McDonald examines thousands of unadulterated stones, whose cavities contain crystal formations in a range of luminescent colors. “You never know what you will find inside the rough rocks until you slice them open,” she says. After making her selections, she creates her pieces around the characteristics of each geode’s mineral matter, incorporating diamonds and gemstones as she sees fit. Among her most recent creations are rings and earrings featuring blue geodes that she set with blue sapphires. The unusual designs not only draw attention, McDonald says, but also provide a bonus for those who wear them: “These rocks come directly from the earth and have energy that many of my clients claim is very powerful.”

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