Lydia Courteille’s Vibrant New Pink and Red Jewelry

The Parisian designer debuts her latest collection, Rosa del Inca.

Lydia Courteille has unveiled her latest collection, Rosa del Inca, in Paris. Elements of Courteille’s enduring passions, which include a love of mythology and nature, imbue all of her designs—and the new pieces are no exception. Fantastical themes and bright colors have defined Courteille’s work since she began crafting jewelry at her Rue Saint Honoré studio in 2002; before that, the designer was known for her carefully curated vintage collection.

Courteille’s designs are bold pieces meant to turn heads and start a conversation—they embrace color and fantasy. The Parisian designer, who is also a certified gemologist, often incorporates vibrantly colored materials like turquoise, Paraiba tourmlaine (a valuable gem that continues to grow in popularity), and opals, which never fail to turn heads. Her collections frequently draw inspiration from surrealist artwork, ocean life, and garden and jungle flora and fauna.

Her latest line, Rosa del Inca, translates to “Incan Rose” and alludes to the pink-orange rhodochrosite stone, which features prominently in every design. Courteille rediscovered the stone on a recent trip to Argentina, where it’s been mined for centuries. Rhodoschrosite’s popularity dates back to the Incan Empire and is thought to attract love to the wearer. The stone is still regarded in cultures around the globe as a powerful talisman that brings peace, positivity, and comfort.

In her Rosa del Inca designs, Courteille pairs it with 18-karat pink gold, morganite, orange-pink sapphire, and bright red spinel (a gem with some historic lore of its own). The 22-piece collection is composed of rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings. Each design centers on rhodochrosite and is imbued with some Argentinian-inspired elements, including Incan Sun Cult symbols and motifs that mimic flared flamenco dress skirts. The full Rosa del Inca collection is now available at the designer’s Paris boutique near Place Vendôme.

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