Manhattan Jewelry House Marli Offers Contemporary, Wearable Designs

The collection comprises rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets…

Maral Artinian, a cofounder of the new Manhattan jewelry house Marli, was raised in a family of jewelers who crafted bold, classical jewelry that was often worn only on special occasions. This upbringing inspired her to branch out and create contemporary, wearable pieces suitable for a variety of settings. The rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from Marli include lively geometric shapes that maintain an air of elegance while making a statement. Adding to their wearability, many Marli designs are equipped with tiny, specially made hinges that allow for more movement and help prevent damage to the pieces during everyday wear. Some designs explore negative space with spare, angular outlines—such as the 18-karat-yellow-gold Dahlia ring ($3,500), lined with 0.09 carats of diamonds—while others, in contrast, are more heavily built, such as the intricate rose-gold-and-diamond ring from the Avventura collection ($4,000). More subtly striking is the white-gold Avventura collar necklace ($14,000), strung with nine strands of delicate diamonds hanging at varying lengths. (646.370.4982, marlinyc.com)

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