Mattia Cielo

Gold-and-diamond designs from Italian jeweler Mattia Cielo (www.mattia?cielo.com; available at Bergdorf Goodman, 800.558.1855) resemble Slinky toys in the way they wrap around the wrist or neck yet still hold their spherical form. Influenced by his interest in architecture and industrial design, Cielo partnered with Italian designer-artist Massimiliano Bonoli to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry making. Working with goldsmiths in Vicenza, Italy, the duo developed dynamic designs that enable configurations of rigid gold and gemstones to move with the body. A pendant necklace, for instance, features gemstones set at the tips of tiny springs; each spring flutters independently as the wearer moves. Cielo’s fondness for strong architectural forms is especially evident in his ring with layered domes—a piece that he says evokes the Sydney Opera House or an armadillo, depending on your point of reference.

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