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13 Beautiful Pieces of High-End Jewelry to Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day

From wood marquetry earrings to a necklace the kids can help design, these fine jewelry pieces will surprise and delight on May 9 and beyond.

Silvia Furmanovich, Bina Goenka, and Mateo Earrings Net-A-Porter

Many mothers have been doing double-duty these days, so even if you are not a fan of nationally marketed holidays, this year might be the time to cave and give your loved one something truly special. There is a sea of jewelry brands out there, so we have combed through to find some unique ideas in design, concept and execution to do the work for you. Whether it is an extraordinary high-jewelry, long-term investment piece like Bina Goenka’s out-of-this-world ruby, diamond and turquoise earrings or a pair of everyday classics diamonds from Harry Winston, here are some exceptional pieces that will be lasting treasures. And in perhaps the most genius Mother’s Day gift yet, Kid Jeweler’s customizable gold jewelry kits allow your children to design the perfect gift for mom—the perfect distraction for pent up energy!

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Bina Goenka Ruby, Diamond, Turquoise and Pearl Earrings

Bina Goenka Earrings

Bina Goenka Earrings  Net-A-Porter

If there is any jeweler that should be on your radar by now it’s Bina Goenka. The Mumbai-based designer has long been a go-to for Bollywood stars, but in the last few years, her designs have caught the eye of high-end jewelry collectors around the globe. Her use of color and interesting approach to shapes offer classicism with a pop. These stunning 18-karat yellow and white gold earrings are topped off with an unusual setting of Mozambique rubies fanned-out like a sunset. They sit atop round brilliant-cut E-F VVS diamonds totaling 0.64 carats, which are flanked by sprouts of Sleeping Beauty turquoise “leaves.” Beneath, two Australian pearls add a soft counterbalance to the bright pops of color. They have a butterfly clasp for pierced ears and come with a presentation box and display holder. Currently, there is only one pair left, so swipe them up while you can! This pair is a definite collector’s item.

BUY NOW: $52,000


Christopher Thompson-Royds Natura Morta Flower Necklace

Christopher Thompson-Royds Gold White Clover Necklace

Christopher Thompson-Royds Gold White Clover Necklace  Courtesy of Christopher Thompson Royds

Inspired by the tiny forgotten flowers that often get lost in the weeds, thinks daisies or white clover (pictured above), London-based designer Christopher Thompson-Royds has been turning out exceptional pieces that look anything but dainty. Thompson-Royds attributes his affinity for nature’s wild beauty to his youth growing up in the English countryside. Currently, he’s camped out in Oxfordshire, where he says, “Bluebells are already beginning to carpet the local woods and hedges are laden with early blossom; Nature’s continuity, for me at least, brings hope and calm.”

While his inspiration is delicate in essence, the lightweight pieces instantly look like sculptures when put around the neck. And he treats his pieces like art objects—even the packaging for his necklaces that mimic pressed flowers come inset into beautiful books, which he has handmade. And museums have taken note—his work can be seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the National Museum in Zurich and the Museum of Fine Art in Houston. You can find his pieces, like this unique white clover hand-painted necklace in 18-karat gold ($12,000) through inquiry at christopherthompsonroyds.com. (Also, be sure to check out his “Against Nature” series, which comprises small gold sculptures that disassemble to become jewelry.)

Learn More: Here

Mateo Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Mateo Earrings

Mateo Earrings  Net-A-Porter

You know the phrase: “Not your mother’s pearls.” It’s been widely used to describe the reinvention of the gem in recent years. So, step out of the box with these handmade Mateo freshwater pearl earrings come encapsulated in a rectangular shape with rounded edges accented with diamonds set in 14-karat yellow gold. Measuring just 1.6 cm-long by 0.7 cm-wide, these are small enough to wear around the clock and add a touch of cool, but sophisticated style that provides a more interesting alternative to classic pearl studs.

Buy Now: $1,300

Chanel Coco Crush Bracelets

Chanel Coco Crush Bracelets

Chanel Coco Crush Bracelets  Courtesy of Chanel

What to get a woman who already has a closet full of everything under the sun and nowhere to wear it? Here is a smart idea for the shopping-averse: Buy the special lady in your life a collectible bangle and build the collection year after year. She’ll be thankful you’re stacking up her wrist and you will be off-the-hook for having to come up with a new gift idea for a few years. These Chanel bangles ($9,950-$10,500), which mimic the quilting on its iconic bags, come in 18-karat white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Frosted with just a touch of diamonds, they are perfect everyday pieces but will make an impact when piled together on the wrist.

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Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich Earrings  Net-A-Porter

Few jewelers have a more defined and recognizable style than Sylvia Furmanovich. While wooden marquetry is a decorative technique that dates as far back as the great Egyptian dynasties and the ancient orient to 16th-century cabinet makers in Antwerp, the Brazilian designer has adopted the age-old technique and imbued it with a fresh new perspective. She first discovered the art form through trained artisans, deep in the Amazon rain forest, who had mastered the craft. Ever since it has been a key feature in her bold jewelry (she’s even extended the style to jewelry boxes and clutch bags). While it may look seamless and feel smooth to the touch, it is a painstaking process that involves the carefuly hand assembly hand-cut wood veneer into shapes. She uses naturally colored wood like Tatajuba (yellow), Louro Abacate (Green) and Azul Carvalho (blue), to name just a few. The completed shape and design is then set in an intricate design of 18-karat yellow gold for a view just as beautiful from the back as the front. This pair features that same technique in a teardrop shape crowned with faceted orange citrines and diamonds in a half-sun shape.

BUY NOW: $5,720

Louis Vuitton LV Volt Upside Down Rings

Louis Vuitton Volt Upside Down Rings

Louis Vuitton Volt Upside Down Rings  Louis Vuitton

Here is an ultra-cool purchase that mom can wear every day. Louis Vuitton put a new spin on its signature “V” logo by slicing into the band of two 18-karat yellow-gold rings. Coincidentally, it gives off the effect of a heart-like shape when viewed from certain angles—a perfectly subtle nod to your loved one. A curved V is also formed by the connection of the bands in open points to form one ring. There are two options: a four-band version with a diamond-accented white gold V ($12,000) or a double band in simple yellow gold ($4,000). But why not splurge and give her both?

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W.Rosado Pearl Drop Earrings

W. Rosado Pearl Earrings

W.Rosado Pearl Earrings  W. Rosado

Designer Wilfredo Rosado popular Pearl ID jewelry—South Sea pearls inlaid with gold or diamond and gold lettering or symbols—has become a bonafide hit. But for those looking for a similar technique with high-end gems, a newly launched collection of Tahitian pearl drop earrings elevate the design to a new level. The pearls are inlaid with either a 1.48-carat Colombian emerald, a 1.1-carat Mozambican ruby or a .94-cart white diamond set in 18-karat black rhodium-plated gold and each is topped off with matching gems covering the top of teardrop-like stems. These make for a rather generous Mother’s Day gift, but you can rest assured she will be crying tears of joy.

Harry Winston Lily Cluster Diamond Earrings

Harry Winston Lily Cluster Diamond Earrings

Harry Winston Lily Cluster Diamond Earrings  Courtesy of Harry Winston

Harry Winston may be known for its big diamond rocks with a hefty price tag to match, but the jeweler also has some less over-the-top, and more appropriate, options for Mother’s Day. These understated diamond earrings ($6,500) are a versatile option and come set with 74 round brilliant diamonds in yellow gold. They take their design cues from a 1940s sketch from the archives, proving their timeless appeal.

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Larkspur & Hawk Bespoke Animal Ring

Larkspur & Hawk Bespoke Animal Ring

Larkspur & Hawk Bespoke Animal Ring  Courtesy of Larkspur & Hawk

Plenty of pet lovers have immortalized their felines or canines on their walls, but Larkspur & Hawk is paying tribute to them on the finger. Send in a photo of your beloved pooch (or horse or any other animal for that matter) and the jeweler will recreate their image on a ring (from $6,000 and takes 8 to 6 weeks). In some cases, clients have requested two pets (for instance, one side for the dog and the other for the cat), to be sculpted in gold.

Founder Emily Satloff had been studying the intricately embellished rings of the Renaissance, which often depicted animals, and gem-centric cluster rings of the 18th century when she came up with the idea to make miniature sculptures of their own cats, Clemmy (in a diamond crown) and Mojo (in a bowtie), flanking a colored tourmaline surrounded with rose-cut diamonds. The talking piece proved to be a hit and ever since Satloff has been offering the bespoke service to her clients.

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Chopard Happy Spirit Cuff

Chopard Happy Spirit Cuff

Chopard Happy Spirit Cuff  Net-A-Porter

A simple and elegant reminder that the mother in your life is not only the center of your universe, but also the circle of life. This 18-karat rose-gold and white-gold Chopard cuff bracelet puts a modern spin on the brand’s Happy Spirit motif. Characterized by floating diamonds, this version highlights a single moving gem within concentric circles. On the other side, it is met halfway by a smaller ring of 8 diamonds. The open shape of the cuff allows for the bracelet to easily move to slip onto just about any wrist size.

BUY NOW: $4,460

Kid Jeweler Custom Necklace

Kid Jeweler Necklace

Kid Jeweler Gold Necklace  Courtesy of Kid Jeweler

How about letting your kid take over the reins of designing mommy’s gift? At Nicole Landaw’s genius company, Kid Jeweler, you can order a take-home kit complete with an instruction guide for your kid to create anything of his imagination comes up with for mom. Send the wax figure back to have it made into gold and strung on a necklace or simply made into a keepsake object for something the whole family will treasure forever.

Kid Jeweler Dino Necklace

Kid Jeweler Dino Necklace (Made by 6-year-old Francis)  Courtesy of Kid Jeweler

The design rights belong to the purchaser and you can even request more copies to be made. Plus, even if you are not a kid, you can get in on the fun and design something special for your loved one. Prices range from $595 for an object to $995 for a small necklace and $1,300 for a bold pendant in 14-karat gold. Landaw says the process typically takes 5 to 6 weeks, but for a rush fee, she can deliver the piece in two weeks.

Learn More: Here

The Rayy Message Rings

The Rayy Dot Snow Ring

The Rayy Dot Snow Ring  Courtesy of The Rayy

Skip the engraving and send her a message that will beam right off her finger. The Rayy has developed a special technology to craft gold surfaces via a process using high-precision tools and advanced optical simulation so that a message appears when the ring hits the sunlight. No artificial illumination is used. Rings come with messages, which are hidden until they hit the sun, that reflect a heart, “I love you”, “love” or “kiss,” but they can also be customized. Better yet, scratches do not affect the rings and they can be re-polished. The company is currently doing a special Mother’s Day Initiative with L.A. retailer, Just One Eye where 10 percent of the purchase will go to No Kid Hungry. Try this ring with a diamond snow setting (from $7,400) for a little extra reflection.

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Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden  Courtesy of Solange Azagury-Partridge

Here we have saved the best for last in what is certainly the most extraordinary jewelry gift—a precious-stone and gold menagerie jewel box. Solange Azagury-Partridge is known for her cheeky and whimsical approach to high and fine jewelry, but she has outdone herself with the Metamorphosis series (check out her other miniature gemstone worlds). This greenhouse, made of plique-à-jour enamel with gold geometric motifs sits atop a lotus leaf made of rose quartz and aventurine.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden Floor Pendant Diamond  Courtesy of Solange Azagury-Partridge

Open its doors and inside you will find a floor paved in diamond, opal and obsidian—take out the center and you can wear it as a pendant necklace. The enamel walls come apart to form wrist cuffs and the roof lifts off to become a bowl.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden Cuff Bracelets


Azagury-Partridge suggests filling it with marshmallows, because why not? A doll-house scene of miniatures including an umbrella stand, a green bench, an orange tree, spotted palm, and some platform sandals, are just a few trinkets that also double as charms for a necklace.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden Charms  Courtesy of Solange Azagury-Partridge

Each piece makes up a minute world for jewelry collectible that is truly unlike any other. Azagury-Partridge’s Metamorphosis series can be customized according to a client’s fancy. Price is, of course, upon request and it will undoubtedly take quite some time to create, but in the meantime, you can give her something to dream about.

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden

Solange Azagury-Partridge Metamorphosis Secret Garden Bowl  Courtesy of Solange Azagury-Partridge

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