M.S. Rau Antiques Presents an 18.50-carat Untreated Kashmir Sapphire Ring

Untreated Kashmir Sapphire Ring 18.50 Carats

M.S. Rau Antiques presents an extraordinarily rare gem. Weighing an astonishing 18.50 carats, this natural emerald-cut Kashmir sapphire is absolutely beyond compare. Displaying the lustrous, velvety blue hue so beloved in these rare Kashmir gemstones, this rare and important sapphire is completely untreated. Finding any example of this remarkable stone is a rarity; to find an unheated Kashmir sapphire weighing over 18 incredible carats — particularly of such extraordinary quality — is truly exceptional. As the stone’s certification from the American Gemological Laboratories states: “The combination of size, and origin for the sapphire described in this report signifies a gem worthy of distinction.”

The Kashmir sapphire is ranked as one of the world’s most desirable jewels alongside the rarest of colored diamonds and Burma rubies. This incomparable treasure is joined by two trapeze-cut diamonds weighing 1.30 total carats in a platinum and 22k gold setting. 

Sapphires hailing from the Kashmir region are undeniably the pinnacle of this popular variety of corundum. Unearthed in the early 1880s after a landslide in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir sapphires are revered not only for their general scarcity, but also the softness of their velvety blue hue. And, unlike other colored gemstones, the stone’s incomparable color overwhelms in any kind of light. This stone in particular, with its rare emerald cut, is exceptionally brilliant. These coveted gems rarely appear on the market, especially those weighing over 10 carats.

This stone is certified as natural, unheated and Kashmir in origin by the American Gemological Laboratories, the Swiss Gemological Institute, and Gübelin Gemlab.

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