Natural Wonders

Jewelry emanates from nature: Gemstones and metals form deep within the earth, while pearls grow in the bellies of oysters at the bottom of the sea. Beyond this intrinsic link, the natural world can serve as a jeweler’s muse, inspiring bold pieces that take the form of brilliant wildflowers, a captivating caterpillar, fresh fruits, or bejeweled vines and twigs. Using nature as their guide, jewelry designers transform the inner beauty of gems and metal into alluring accents that rival Mother Nature’s own creations.



Enchanted Garden

Cat’s-eye aquamarine, diamond, and platinum leaf necklace, $76,000, Tiffany & Co. (800.526.0649); star sapphire and diamond ring, $22,000, Eclat Jewels (212.581.2446).

In Full Bloom

Right: 18-karat gold Water Lily brooch with natural green South Sea pearl and diamond accents, $22,000, Mish New York (212.734.3500). Right: Virevolte gold necklace with white and yellow diamonds, price available upon request, Van Cleef & Arpels (800.822.5797); orange sapphire, diamond, and gold Wildflower ring, $8,400, Cathy Carmendy at Eiseman, Dallas (214.369.6100)

On the Vine

Left, top to bottom: 18-karat gold bangle with pearls and diamonds, $8,600, Mouawad at select Neiman Marcus stores (888.888.4757); 18-karat gold Twig bangle with South Sea pearls, approximately $4,400, K. Brunini (858.259.8779); 18-karat gold leaf brooch with gray pearl and pink sapphires, $2,140, Vendorafa at Kern’s Fine Jewelry (650.348.7557). Right: ruby and diamond vine necklace, $65,700, Picchiotti (877.996.6789)

Beautiful Bounty

Right: drusy quartz, spessartite, and demantoid garnet pear brooch, $14,800, Ricardo Batista (310.271.0363). Left, clockwise from top: citrine, diamond, and 18-karat gold Wild Rose pendant, $18,000, Stephen Webster at Bergdorf Goodman (212.872.8744); citrine Star ring with orange and yellow sapphires and diamonds, $7,470, Rodney Rayner +44.1932.863322); citrine and 18-karat gold Taj Mahal ring, $4,250, Carrera y Carrera (800.292.8229)

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