A New Boucheron Jewelry Design Captures a Piece of India

The historically inspired necklace is part of Boucheron’s new Bleu de Jodhpur collection…

The distinctive centerpiece of Boucheron’s new 18-karat-white-gold-and-pearl Nagaur necklace is a diamond-embellished, rock-crystal pendant filled with sand from northwest India’s Thar Desert, home to the 12th-century fortress city that inspired the design. Nagaur’s stone walls protect interior palaces, pavilions, and gardens to this day. The design’s seven strands of pearls are also a reference to Indian history; royal maharajas have been wearing variants of a seven-stranded pearl necklace to represent their wealth and power since the time of the Gaekwad dynasty in the 1800s.  

“The necklace is like an oasis in the desert,” says Claire Choisne, creative director for the nearly 160-year-old French jewelry house. “The rock crystal is over the sand and the diamonds are like drops of water, almost like a mirage. On the reverse, the patterns have an art deco–style arrangement of diamonds and sapphires.”


This handcrafted necklace took more than 750 hours to complete and is part of Boucheron’s latest collection, Bleu de Jodhpur. The 104 pieces draw inspiration from the lively Indian “blue city” of Jodhpur and the vibrant art and ornate architecture of that region. (boucheron.com)

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