The Newest Fabergé Collection Is Its Most Charming Yet

The new miniature egg charms are brighter than ever…

Russian jewelry house Fabergé has a history as storied as its famous jewel-encrusted egg pendants. Founded in 1842 by Russian jeweler Gustav Fabergé, the atelier rose to prominence by fashioning resplendent jewelry and decorative eggs for European aristocrats and tsars. Today, the brand continues to create stylish, opulent pieces for those who want the royal treatment. Launched in 2014, the Fabergé Charms collection (starting at $1,200 per charm) has been updated this season in a bevy of bright new colors and pastels.

Modeled after Fabergé’s iconic egg pendants, 25 miniature charms are available in the Trelliage, Spiral, Heritage, Rococo, and Emotion collections. Inspired by the 1892 Fabergé Diamond Trellis Egg created for Alexander III of Russia, the rose- and white-gold Trelliage pieces are adorned with bold rubies, amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. Crafted from white, rose, or yellow gold, the playful egg-shaped Spiral charms are set with lacquer and diamonds, while the more traditional Heritage charms display ornate guilloché engravings. The Rococo charms, set with lacquer on gold, are inspired by the gold scrolls from the Rocaille Egg created in 1902 for Russian heiress Varvara Kelkh. And the pavé-set Emotion pieces feature diamonds and colorful gemstones.

The collection is available at Dorfman Jewelers—an upscale boutique in Boston that is distinguished for becoming the first store in North America, outside of Fabergé’s own stores, to carry the illustrious jewelry. (faberge.com)

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