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Noor Fares’ Jewelry Captures the Cosmos

Noor Fares’ latest collection infuses organic forms with modern technology.

Noor Fares jewelry Photo: Philippe Kilot

“I’ve always felt that stones and crystals looked magical, like they had special powers,” says London-based Noor Fares. The Paris-born Lebanese jewelry designer, who is known for her colorful and often symbolic creations, expresses that affinity in her recent Superlunary collection. For this unusual synthesis of technology and gems, Fares—who studied art history at Tufts University and honed her design skills in London at Central St Martins—scaled down 3-D renderings of sculptures by her childhood friend, glass sculptor Flavie Audi, which her team of gem carvers then re-created from lab-grown opals, resin, or natural rock crystals. The result is lunar-like forms accented with sparkling stones.

“It was a challenge to work with organic forms, rather than strict lines and geometry, and to create organic fluidity in a stone,” says Fares, who chose to experiment with synthetic stones as a means of artistic expression.

Noor Fares portrait

Noor Fares portrait  Photo: Philippe Kilot

The 13-piece collection includes vibrant amethyst Cloud drop earrings, a soft blue Gilson opal cocktail ring framed with purple amethysts, and luminous, puffy rock-crystal pendants rimmed with a mix of amethysts and white diamonds. “My work is very much about the energy and healing properties of crystals and gemstones,” says Fares. “Today, I feel like more and more women are drawn to jewelry that represents something. In the world in general, I find that there is a shift towards conscientiousness and respecting what comes from nature.

Superlunary Collection Noor Fares

Superlunary Collection  Photo: Philippe Kilot


Being more mindful also means that people are more drawn to jewelry that’s symbolic and talismanic—[they are] looking for jewelry that becomes an extension of their identity, pieces that you have on all the time, not just for special occasions,” says Fares. “In Superlunary, I’m working with natural and lab-grown materials—but essentially the healing properties of the stones are still there, because it’s just as much about the intention as it is about the material.”

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