Officina Bernardi launches new campaign

Officina Bernardi’s new collection merges Italian heritage with effortless grace.

Each masterpiece is designed, engineered and produced exclusively in Italy.

Carlo and Francesco Bernardi, founders of Chrysos spa, a leading company in the production and distribution of gold and silver for 30 years, launched in 2007 a new concept of “Made in Italy” jewelry that combines high-technology and poetry.

To preserve the authenticity of the “Made in Italy” statement, each and every piece in the Officina Bernardi collection is produced since 2007 in the Chrysos factories. 

Adding up to the complexity of the brand,  The Moon collection showcases sparkling jewels. 
 With its exclusive and patented “moon cut”, it shapes beautiful surfaces. The result is an extraordinary and glittering effect, similar to the light of a diamond.

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