Paolo Costagli’s Treasure Hunt

The jeweler Paolo Costagli has assembled a mouthwatering collection of unusual, hard-to-find colored gemstones for his new Bespoke series of one-of-a-kind pieces. Extraordinary gem specimens include an intense Windex-blue, cushion-cut 9-carat Paraíba tourmaline in a pavé ring of diamonds and Paraíba tourmalines, and a bright 5.58-carat oval purple-pink sapphire set in a striking ring with diamonds and Paraíba-type tourmalines. Trained as a gemologist, Costagli began his career some 20 years ago working in emerald mines in Colombia, where he developed a passion for gemstones, and now he continues to travel far and wide in search of unique stones.

The New York jeweler combines his love of gems with a keen eye for stone cuts and design. Most of his gemstone acquisitions are recut to meet his specifications, and then he designs individual settings to enhance each gemstone. The latest Bespoke rings start at about $52,000 and go to $3 million. Aside from the collection, Costagli will also meet with clients in his New York showroom or visit them around the world to collaborate on custom designs, and will sometimes track specific stone requests. (212.974.9360, www.paolocostagli.com)

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