Passion for Pearls

The South Sea pearl company AUTORE transforms the classic gem from the sea into imaginative jewelry creations. Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, its latest collection brings to life colorful jewel-encrusted sea horses, starfish, jellyfish, shells, a flying fish, and an octopus, each featuring exceptional South Sea baroque and keshi pearls. In addition to its unique use of large-scale pearls, the Australian company employs the traditional French technique known as en tremblant, which allows the pieces to move subtly with the wearer. The AUTORE Group, which has been a pearl supplier for more than 20 years, sources its pearls exclusively from South Sea pearl farms situated on the crystal-clear waters off the coast of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and the islands of Indonesia. Pristine and pollutant-free, these waters are known for producing some of the world’s best-quality pearls in shades of luminous white, exotic blue, silver, soft pink, and rich gold. While most of the pearls are sold internationally to dealers and jewelers, AUTORE saves the most unusual specimens for its own couture collections. (www.pearlautore.com.au)

Jill Newman

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