An Actual Mechanical Heart Beats Inside This New Jewelry Collection

The Paul Forrest Co. Heart’s Passion Collection blurs the line between jewelry and watchmaking.

Wandering the halls of Baselworld over the course of decades, Paul Forrest Hartzband—having worked for years in the business of watch case and bracelet manufacturing—developed a keen fascination with the relationship between watches and jewelry. A pair of industries that run abreast of one another in harmony, Paul set the wheels in motion in 2013 to bring horological mechanics to a unique collection of pendants.

Powered by the Calibre PFC-001—a hand-wound movement created in partnership with a Fleurier-based movement manufacturer—the heart silhouette at the center of each pendant is linked to its mechanical geartrain, which allows the piece to pulse a mechanical heart beat. Wound by the locking key that also makes up part of its clasp, the piece will beat for roughly eight hours before requiring further winding.

The days of decorative clockwork-powered automata may be long behind us, but Paul’s new creations deliver a charming take on the ancient art that is executed at an extremely high level. Regardless of whether the intended recipient has any interest in horology, these living jewels will no doubt be well received. The Heart’s Passion collection (from $19,000) is offered in a wide variety of precious stone settings in 18-karat white, yellow, or rose gold.



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