Rampant Lions Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for “Coolest Men’s Rings Around”


Rampant Lion Collections, a 30-year-old design and manufacturing company specializing in men’s jewelry, launched its “Coolest Men’s Rings Around” Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on April 16, 2015. The new sterling silver and sterling silver/18k gold collection is built around the best ring styles from Rampant Lion’s Classic Collection of master hand-sculpted, intricately detailed men’s gemstone rings in precious metals, all inspired by animals, legends, mythology, history, architecture, and heraldry. All designs are inlaid with their rare and unusual gemstones, many of which are exclusively theirs.

On kickstarter.com, the main internet crowdfunding forum, creators propose a project, and backers pledge monetarily to facilitate the development of the project. In return for their pledges, backers of their “Coolest Men’s Rings Around” campaign receive “killer” rewards in the form of major discounts on, mostly, their men’s rings in sterling silver, sterling silver/18k gold, 14k gold, and 18k gold. Backers can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign via secure credit card pledges. At kickstarter.com, their project is only funded when it meets or exceeds its funding goal. To access the “Coolest Men’s Rings Around” Kickstarter project and video, please click on this link.

​Please call 800-345-4367 or email gemshapes@aol.com for more information on “Coolest Men’s Rings Around.” The Classic Collection and Coat of Arms Collection can be viewed at: www.rampantlioncollections.com.

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