Rare Diamond Pendant Debuts at a Fabergé Easter at Harrods

The three-week exhibit at Harrods in London starts April 1…

This Easter, Fabergé will debut a limited-edition Spiral Tassel Pendant (price available upon request), which will be available only at Harrods in London from April 1 to 21 for the exhibit A Fabergé Easter at Harrods. The necklace features a gemstone tassel that can be finished with vibrant amethyst, tsavorite, or spinel trickling down from diamonds set in a spiral to form the shape of an egg. The pendant, whose spiral design is meant to symbolize transformation, is Fabergé’s modern-day interpretation of its iconic imperial Easter eggs. From 1885 on, as the Russian imperial family’s goldsmith, Fabergé created 50 opulent gemmed eggs for the czars. For decades, the eggs were ceremonially gifted within the Alexander Palace for the Easter holiday. Other aristocratic families, including six generations of the British royal family, have also been loyal followers of the jeweler. For the three-week exhibit, Harrods will have a trompe-l’oeil window display facing Brompton Road to illustrate Fabergé’s opulent history. Harrods, which had a more humble beginning as a grocer and tea merchant, will dress the window display in Fabergé flags and exhibit the Apple Blossom Egg, an original egg from 1901 made of gold, diamonds, and nephrite. (www.faberge.com)

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