Riga Jeweler Anita Sondore Debuts Collection at LA Antiques Show

Riga’s famed fine jeweler Anita Sondore debuts her Sounds of Silence collection, dedicated to Europe’s most northern capital city, at the Los Angeles Winter Show January 14 through January 18, 2015.  Riga, heralded as the jewel of the north for its rich cultural heritage and UNESCO designation, has an imperial past whose Art Nouveau architecture and ethnographic elements are a constant inspiration for Anita Sondore’s fine jewelry collections.  Her unique and artistic jewelry pays homage to Riga’s lavish past but is interpreted with a modern sensibility to empower the women who wear her jewelry.  Calling herself a court painter, someone who records history’s important events, Anita Sondore brings out the timeless splendor of gemstones and precious metals to create jewelry that tells breath-taking stories about life, nature, history and other emotional experiences.   

Anita Sondore hand crafts and designs her jewelry as a form of creative expression. “I am a jeweler and a story-teller. Each piece of my jewelry tells a story,” explains Sondore.  The colors of precious gems and metals capture the emotions and events in a woman’s life and can be passed down from generation to generation like a mirror of time. I see the magic in everything, even in silence.  Everything, from life to death, is a moment that becomes a springboard for an intriguing story told using jewelry.” 

Using her extensive jewelry training, Anita Sondore takes precious metals and gemstones and turns them into jewelry that tells a story and communicates emotions.  The key message of Anita Sondore jewelry is interpreting jewelry through the eyes of a court painter. Court painters were artists as far back as the Middle Ages who painted for members of a royal or noble family, often recording important historical events and people. Anita Sondore continues this court painter tradition but with a woman’s touch, where before it was done entirely by men.  Anita Sondore jewelry reflects today’s people, events, faces and their emotions.  Her paint brushes are jeweler’s tools.    


The Sounds of Silence collection celebrates the thousand year history of Riga and the richness of this city that flows like a melody in my jewelry designs.  The collection is based on Latvian ethnographic ornaments that the architects of Riga used but the symbols are reinterpreted in a modern way using precious gems like white and colored diamonds, semi precious gems like tourmaline, moonstone, amethyst and Mother of Pearl, set with 18k gold, enamel and rhodium. 

The Universe collection is based on a single, sinuous shape.  The ring tells the story of the beginning of the universe that was a flash of energy that ignited life. The shape can be anything the wearer wants it to be: a heart, a leaf, the Milky Way.  The Universe collection includes bracelets, earrings and necklaces, all handcrafted in 18k yellow, white gold or sterling silver. 

The Deep Water series is like a ripple of water that begins to tell a story.  Earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants set in 18k white or yellow gold or grey rhodium glitter with moonstones to mimick the bubbles caused by waves in the ocean or river.  Deep Water can be a moment frozen in time, like the mist that settles over the ocean or frozen snowflakes that fall from the sky. Sapphires, mountain crystals, onyx, topaz, rose and smoky quartz and citrines are also used in this collection.  

“I believe that each piece of my jewelry can feel emotion and captures everything, from life to death and becomes a captivating springboard for a rich and intriguing story,” added Sondore.  According to Sondore, who sees magic in silence and noise, being a woman enables her to create beauty in the world because she feels that women have been given the inner strength to do that, along with a deep knowledge of healing, mystic and magic powers.   

Anita Sondore was born in Preili, one of the oldest settlements in Latvia. Latvia is one of the two surviving Baltic languages in the world, bringing together a deep harmony with nature.  She is the grand-daughter of a blacksmith.  Anita is a graduate of the University of Latvia with a BA in visual and applied arts and technical drawing, and has an MBA from the Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration. Her jewelry training started at the Auzers Jewelry Art Center in Riga, followed by gold smith classed at the Ermini School of Jewelry in Rome and classes at the famed Van Cleef & Arpels atelier in Paris. Anita founded her company, Anita Sondore, in 2013.  Anita Sondore jewelry was highly praised by US jewelry trade publications when it launched at the JA NY New Designer Gallery in July and will be carried in several fine jewelry and specialty department stores in 2015. 

For more information, visit www.anitasondore.com.

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