Robb Design Portfolio: Sheer Rocks

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De Beers, the mastermind behind diamond marketing for the past century, intends to change the way we value this coveted stone. The company’s latest creation, inspired by ancient Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti, is an elaborate diamond collar comprising 1,999 stones woven together in a remarkably supple design without visible metal. “This necklace represents the artistic possibilities of the diamond,” says Guy Leymarie, worldwide CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewellers (800.929.0889, www??.debeers.com). Diamonds have long been assessed on the basis of their clarity, color, and carat weight, but the designers of this necklace seek to transcend these metrics by employing small diamonds to create stylish, imaginative jewelry. “We want to show diamonds in unexpected ways; it’s not just about a large ring,” Leymarie explains. Two craftsmen spent nearly eight months creating the intricate $2.5 million mosaic of white, yellow, and brown diamonds that total 508 carats.

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