Rough yet Refined Jewelry

“I like to see evidence that things have come from the earth,” says 42-year-old jewelry designer Geoffrey Good, a native Virginian who produces jewelry in his Brooklyn, New York, workshop. “There’s a fine line between rough and refined, and I’m always trying to straddle that line.” Good, who spent years under the tutelage of Madison Avenue master jeweler Klaus Wisskirchen, gained his expertise producing and restoring important pieces for premier brands that include Cartier. His collection employs exotic gems as well as wood and minerals such as agate and pyrite. One chunky three-stone ring ($14,750) features enormous golden imperial topazes totaling about 55 carats set in Good’s own 20-karat rose gold alloy. “The gem material is amazing—it has a grain to it, and it’s very sparkly,” says Good. “The stones are custom cut into mirror cuts [which are like emerald cuts with minimal facets], and the sloping sides focus the light to come through the center.” (212.625.1656, www.geoffreygood.com)

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