Serpentine Superstar Bulgari Charms Again

Bulgari unveils a book and two new serpent-inspired necklaces at a Museo di Roma exhibit…

SerpentiForm, a new exhibit at Italy’s Museo di Roma, displays 46 designs from Bulgari’s famed Serpenti collection—a favorite of model Bella Hadid, among others. The exhibit spans the history of the Italian jeweler’s snake-inspired creations, from a 61-year-old gold-and-ruby-coiled bracelet to two new necklaces debuting for the first time. The first necklace features scales made with diamonds and dark snakewood (a reddish brown wood from South America that features a snakeskin-like pattern) and the second is a colorful medley of diamonds and emeralds anchored by a dramatic snakehead pendant. Both pieces are available to purchase, and prices are available upon request. 

Alongside the expansive exhibit, a new book titled Serpenti in Art chronicles the various representations of snakes in contemporary art. Museo di Roma’s exhibit, which runs until April 10, will also spotlight serpent-inspired artwork and jewels from Pompeii and Ancient Rome. (museodiroma.it)

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