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Super Natural Beauties

A colored diamond is an astonishing anomaly; only one in a few hundred thousand diamonds might exhibit a shade of blue—from pale sky to deep violet. Rare confluences of natural phenomena—including the presence of traces of boron, nitrogen, or another chemical element during the diamonds’ formations millions of years ago—have yielded these stones in a full spectrum of colors: red, yellow, green, purple, orange, and blue. Although not as flashy as its white counterparts, a fancy colored diamond, with its vivid sparkle, is an equally alluring piece of natural history.

Color Schemes

William Goldberg natural fancy colored diamond bracelet featuring 18 carats of multicolored stones, price upon request (888.827.2927, www.williamgoldberg.com)

Rand earrings set with two fancy purple/pink diamonds, each more than a carat, surrounded by fancy intense yellow diamonds, $240,000 (212.840.1484, www.randbrand.com)

Winning Hand

Graff platinum ring set with a 2.44-carat emerald-cut fancy deep blue diamond and white diamond tapered baguettes, price upon request

(212.355.9292, www.graffdiamonds.com)

Tiffany orange diamond ring, price upon request

(800.843.3269, www.tiffany.com)

Harry Winston fancy vivid 5-carat blue diamond ring with shield-shaped white diamonds, price upon request (800.988.4110, www.harrywinston.com)

Beaudry ring set with three fancy purplish-red diamonds totaling 1.49 carats, price upon request (877.232.8379, www.michaelbeaudry.com)


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