Temple St. Clair High Jewellery Debuts At Haute Couture

Master jewelry designer Temple St. Clair and fine artist Nancy Lorenz presented their unprecedented collaboration at Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, during Paris Haute Couture. St. Clair has created nine one-of-a-kind couture jewels that are each housed in its respective Japanese box covered by the painted work of Lorenz. 

The début of this new work titled Mythical Creatures from the Golden Menagerie establishes St. Clair in the lineage of historic designers from André Boivin to Louis Comfort Tiffany and Jacques Cartier. The whimsical collection is inspired by creatures, both mythical and real, and their worlds as interpreted through gold work, precious gems, mother-of-pearl inlay, lacquer, resin and silver and gold leaf.

Temple St Clair Fine Jewellery was founded in 1986 in Florence, Italy. The High Jewellery of Temple St. Clair represents jewellery at its finest and most collectible. Uncompromising in choice of materials and execution.


For more information, please visit www.templestclair.com

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