Tiffany’s New Diamond Initiative Is Raising the Bar on Ethics in Jewelry

It traces the origin of each and every newly sourced, individually registered diamond (0.18 carat and up).

Tiffany and co diamond ring in classic blue box Tiffany & Co. Studio

We know our coffee beans were grown in Indonesia, our suits hand-sewn in Italy. Why shouldn’t we demand the facts about where our gems were mined? In recent years, some jewelry companies have offered a degree of assurance that their diamonds come from “conflict-free” zones, but Tiffany & Co. has just raised the bar on ethics. Its new Diamond Source Initiative traces the country of origin of each and every newly sourced, individually registered Tiffany diamond (0.18 carat and up).

But, in fact, Tiffany’s has been leading the charge for ethically sourced stones and metals for decades now. It procures the majority of its diamonds and metals from known mines and sources to ensure these suppliers operate in environmentally and socially responsible ways. “Sustainability lies at the heart of the Tiffany’s brand, it’s both our legacy and our future,” says Alessandro Bogliolo, the company’s chief executive officer.

Coming from one of the world’s largest high-end jewelry retailers, this newfound transparency will likely inspire copycats, and knowing your stone’s country of origin will soon be an industry standard. Buying a new sparkler never felt so good.

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