Todd Reed’s Play on Pearls

The designer, known for his rough-diamond jewelry, now shows pearls in a new light…

Known for his innovative use of rough diamonds, Todd Reed is showing his softer side with a foray into pearls. In sharp contrast to his use of rocklike uncut diamonds, his new collection—a series of earrings, necklaces, and rings ($8,800 to $34,430)—presents an array of softly colored smooth Tahitian pearls in shades that range from off-white to gunmetal to gold. Reed’s signature style, however, appears in his inventive use of metal to partially encase each pearl.

The Boulder, Colo., designer, who founded his eponymous brand more than 20 years ago, has been collecting pearls for many years and has used them in some older pieces, but was holding on to them until he was ready to develop a new concept. Though working with perfect spheres challenged Reed after his years of contending with the irregular forms of raw diamonds, he has given the classic gems an edgier feel.

And this will not be that last of his experiments with different gems. He notes that many new collections are on the way and that he is “excited to use more unique, raw materials.” As always, his pieces are created entirely by hand by a team of master jewelers in his Boulder studio—situated, coincidentally, on Pearl Street. (800.376.3609, www.toddreed.com)

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