A Touch of India

Colorful and exotic, Indian jewelry has a distinctive style that is oftentimes too ornate for an American’s taste. Manju Jasty’s new eponymous collection, however, reconfigures traditional Indian designs in slightly scaled-down and less decorative styles that portray a sense of captivating exoticism inherent in Indian pieces. The ruby and diamond bracelet, shown, employs the customary rose-cut diamonds, but in a cleaner, more modern setting than a typical Indian style. “I found the jewelry that I inherited too traditional for my own taste,” says Jasty, who left a banking job to establish her own jewelry business in New York. She started by re-crafting her own pieces then discovered she had an innate passion and skill for selecting gems and designing. “I try to pare down some designs so they’re more wearable everyday,” she explains. Prices start at $4,000 for diamond bangles. (www.manjujasty.com)

—Jill Newman

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