U.S. Designer Michael John Jewelry Debuts Exclusive Amber Collection

Award-winning jewelry brand Michael John Jewelry is the first American-based fine jewelry company to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, amber-centered collection to retail in the Chinese market after being approached by renowned European amber brand and distributor, S&A. S&A distributes in over 120 high-end department and independent retail stores throughout China. The Michael John Jewelry amber pieces are designed and manufactured in the United States and exported to China, where they are available for purchase in the country’s top-tier department stores and independent, fine retailers in areas such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, to name a few.

The premiere collection includes 30 signature designs, each individually handcrafted and customized to fit the rare gemstones. Select designs feature the blue amber, which is the rarest and most expensive of the amber family. Michael John Jewelry’s designs seamlessly combine elements of nature, architecture and color, keeping this exclusive amber collection true to the Michael John Jewelry brand while adding organic design aesthetics, influenced by Asian culture.

“We see the collaboration with S&A amber jewelry as a start to a flourishing relationship that the Michael John Jewelry brand will create with the high-end jewelry market in China,” states Michael Hezar, CEO and designer of Michael John Jewelry. “With China’s abundant consumer growth, this is an opportunity to branch out globally, especially by creating a market-specific collection of amber designs – and as amber is a coveted symbol of good luck and prosperity in the Asian culture, we were further intrigued by working with this fascinating gemstone.” 

“Due to the shortage of supply and the high demand in the Chinese market, the amber price recently became rocket high, and the top-quality amber is now more expensive than gold,” says Vivian Yang, CEO of S&A China. “We are thrilled that the rare amber found its way into the talented hands of Michael John Jewelry.”

The collection features rings, pendants and broaches available in 18K yellow, rose and white gold with accent diamonds and colored gemstones. The pieces are available for purchase in Chinese retail stores now.

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