Verdura Celebrates 75 Years with a Retrospective

The Manhattan exhibit highlights vintage designs and items from the personal collection of Duke Fulco di Verdura…

On October 14, in celebration of the brand’s 75th year, the jewelry house Verdura will unveil a retrospective at the new gallery space adjacent to its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Called The Power of Style: Verdura at 75, the exhibition will include more than 200 vintage jewelry pieces by the company’s late founder, Duke Fulco di Verdura, as well as archival materials, a few of Verdura’s gouache jewelry designs, miniature paintings, and rare photos. Standout pieces from the exhibition include a coral-colored natural-shell brooch from 1945, its grooves lined with sapphires and diamonds, and a gold brooch from 1941 that frames a miniature Salvador Dalí painting of Medusa.

Verdura came to the United States in 1934 after meeting Coco Chanel in Paris and designing bespoke pieces for her, including a dynamic pair of Byzantine-inspired Maltese Cross cuffs made with white enamel, multicolored gemstones, and gold. Verdura’s use of vibrant yellow gold as a setting for bright gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires was a fresh concept at the time and set the tone for his signature style, which combined extravagance and sophistication. After coming to the States, Verdura’s clientele grew to include actors, artists, and tastemakers, among them Vivien Leigh, Diana Vreeland, Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, and Andy Warhol.

Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera and their daughter Patricia Lansing, all longtime friends of Verdura, are curating the new exhibition, which will be open to public until December 23. (212.758.3388, verdura.com/power-of-style)

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