Vibrant New Jewelry from Bulgari Celebrates Italian Traditions

Colorful new jewelry that evokes la dolce vita.

Bulgari's Festa collection includes a diamond popsicle Photo: Courtesy

Italian jewelry house Bulgari has unveiled its new Festa collection, a colorful medley of designs that call to mind some of Italy’s most vibrant traditions—from gelati to Roman royal style and beyond. Going on 133 years in the jewelry business, Bulgari is reasserting its reputation as one of the planet’s foremost authorities on large, high-quality gems with Festa. The collection is comprised of more than 100 pieces—brooches, earrings, rings, and necklaces—spread over three lines: Festa Italiana, Regal Festa, and Festa of Precious Stones.

https://robbreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/bulgari_use.jpg features a dimaond lollipop

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Festa Italiana focuses on time-honored festivities, like colorful rings topped with luscious cake-like baubles; brooches in the form of ice cream desserts. The famed Palio horse race in Siena and the Tarantella folk dance are also payed homage in this line, which boasts a colorful medley of rubies, malachite, jade, coral, and turquoise.

Photo: Courtesy Antonio Barrella

Pieces in the Regal Festa line bow to Rome’s bold, fashionable princispessas with large diamonds, pink gold, and grand sapphires in ornate platinum settings. In Festa of Precious Stones, Bulgari crafted designs that spotlight stunning stones from around the world—amethysts, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds—many of which took years to find and procure. Among the standouts is Il Magnifico, a diamond-studded necklace that framed a 180-carat sugarloaf sapphire in a pendant; and Il Grandioso, a necklace that spotlights a 53-carat Colombian emerald.

Bulgari Fest jewlery collection

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