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The Scarf Experts at Scotland’s Begg & Co. Have Finally Started Making Sweaters

For the first time in over 150 years, the brand is making something with a sleeve.

Begg & Co. has introduced its first line of sweaters and beanies. Begg & Co.

Since 1866, Begg & Co. has been making some of the finest, softest scarves you can wrap around your neck. And now, 153 years later, the Scottish brand is adding sweaters and a beanie to the mix—just in time for fall’s chilliest winds.

While the assortment feels like a departure for the brand, which for much of its history has been resolutely dedicated to producing variously sized rectangles of cashmere and other fibers (in addition to scarves, Begg makes stoles, blankets and pocket squares), it’s definitely a welcome one. There are four pieces in total among the new wearables: a ribbed shawl-collar cardigan, a classic crewneck sweater, a turtleneck and a beanie. Each of the sweaters is available in six different colors (yellow, navy, black, pink, gray and a caramel shade called vicuña). The beanie is available in a range of solid shades, and also comes in eight modern two-color versions—think royal blue with navy, black with gray and a surprisingly appealing combination of bright pink and red.

Begg & Co.'s first line of knitwear includes two styles of beanies.

Begg & Co.

The products, which range in price from £115 (about $150) for a solid beanie to £855 ($1,100) for the shawl collar cardigan, prove that you really can teach an old dog new tricks. One of the hallmarks of Begg & Co.’s scarves is that many of them are light as air. The brand even has a product range dubbed Wispy, which offers scarves that you can see straight through when they’re fully unfurled, but feel soft and warm when folded and wrapped around your neck. The chunky rib stitching on the shawl collar cardigan and beanies is a technique the brand doesn’t currently use elsewhere, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it creep into Begg & Co.’s other product categories in the future.

You’ll only be able to order them on Begg & Co.’s website this season, which makes sense: It’s a brand new offering, and the company is starting small with its first line of products with sleeves. But it’s still a confident step in a new direction, and one we’re excited to follow in coming seasons.


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