Robb Recommends: Why Eton’s Striped Flannel Shirt Is a Foolproof Fall Layer

Soft, comforting and supremely versatile, it's an easy way to stay warm and look great.

Eton Striped Indigo Flannel Shirt Eton
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The perfect flannel shirt is probably something bespoke, cut from a rare cotton-cashmere blend that’s been hand-brushed by silent monks who live on a mountaintop to achieve an incomparably soft hand feel. But if you’re the kind of person who won’t let perfect be the enemy of very, very good, then we’d recommend adding the Striped Indigo Flannel Shirt from the good people at Eton to your cold-weather wardrobe.

Why? For starters, it’s the kind of foolproof fall layer that could slip into any guy’s wardrobe and look like something you’ve had forever, thanks to its careful blend of light and dark blue stripes. And because Eton offers sized shirts in two cuts (Slim for, you know, slim guys, and Contemporary for the rest of us), it’s easy to dial into an ideal fit. It’s especially good for guys who have a more casual sensibility, or who work in creative offices. Eton cut this shirt to be 3 cm shorter in length than its standard dress shirts, which is just the right length to mean it looks good both tucked and untucked.

The denim flannel fabric (you read that correctly) is nothing to sneeze at, either. It’s soft and weighty in a way that’s comforting—especially at a time of year when the sun goes down by 5. Think of it as an investment in your wintertime wellbeing, and wear it the same way you’d wear chambray. You and your wardrobe can thank us later.

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