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8 Stylish Waxed Jackets to Keep You Dry and Warm This Fall

When the weather turns, a trusty waxed jacket will always deliver.

Waxed jackets by Belstaff, Mackintosh and Alps & Meters Belstaff, Mackintosh, Alps & Meters

Ever notice how the outerwear industry has become incredibly tech-driven in recent years? Micro-spun fibers designed to repel the elements, poly-whatever coatings to ensure not a drop of water penetrates, synthetic this and that. Sure, that stuff is great for park rangers in Alaska and explorers heading to Antarctica, but is it really necessary for everyday guys just trying to get from home to the office? The answer, as for so many questions in menswear, is to not overthink things—a classic waxed jacket will most always do the trick.

The idea behind waxed jackets is charmingly low-fi: They’re made from a standard cotton canvas that is (surprise!) rubbed with wax that, along with things like taped seams, prevents water and wind from getting through. Having originated in the cool, damp climate of the UK, some of the best ones are still made by heritage brands like Barbour and Belstaff. But, more and more designers are offering their take on the perennial style. Whether you’re looking to invest in a classic that will last for many years to come, or you want to branch out to something a little different, here are eight of the best ones to have on your radar this fall.

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