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Robb Recommends: Upgrade Your Sock Drawer With 15 New Pairs From London Sock Company

If you don't know how old your socks are, they're too old. London Sock Company can help fix that.

London Sock Company London Sock Company
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Self-care takes on different forms for different people. Some of us lift weights every day, others have strict meditation practices. And a small contingent believes in replacing their socks and other personal furnishings as often as we get our teeth cleaned.

The list of guys who are buying new underwear every six months includes all kinds, from this reporter all the way on up to Tom Ford (who once rather famously told British Vogue that guys should “throw away the old ones” on a bi-annual basis). But we all have one thing in common: We respect our well-maintained clothes enough to understand that what we’ve got on underneath them is equally important, too.

London Sock Company

London Sock Company

But instead of going out and individually selecting a whole new sock drawer pair by pair, why not let someone else do the work for you? The London Sock Company—a venture founded in 2013 with a goal of, well, making it easy to find great socks—makes some of the finest pairs I’ve worn. It also packages them into a handy box containing 15 pairs, so you can buy one or two at a time and replace your entire sock wardrobe in one fell swoop. I personally like the navy, but the brand also offers a collection called Simply Sartorial (15 pairs, each in a different color), as well as one called the Park Lane, which includes a selection of patterned socks. If you don’t think you’ll remember to replace them twice a year, London Sock Company also offers a subscription plan which will deliver new pairs quarterly.

Whichever you choose, you can rest assured your socks aren’t in danger of developing holes anytime soon—with this strategy, they won’t have a chance to.


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