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Robb Recommends: Monfrere Is Making Seriously Comfortable Jeans You Can’t Stretch Out

If you're over rigid, raw denim that has to be broken in like a wild horse, Monfrere is here to help.

Monfrere Jeans Monfrere
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We’re currently living in what a stylish colleague of mine has called the Golden Age of Pants. Never has there been a moment in menswear when such a preponderance of excellent trousers—from single-pleated corduroy statement makers to slim-cut cargos and even perma-pleated joggers—have all felt like viable options for the discerning gentleman. It’s enough to make you want to put all your jeans in storage for winter.

Not that you should. Because while high-end clothing companies have come up with ever more daring ways to cover your haunches, denim designers have been busy innovating, too. For no brand is that truer than Monfrere, a three-year-old operation helmed by brothers-in-law Sean Rudes and Steven Dann. After the Rudes family sold J. Brand Jeans, Sean and Steven set out to make clothes that challenge some long-held assumptions about what guys want out of their clothes. Chief among them, that our jeans need to show their age the same way our faces do.

Each pair is made from Japanese-milled cotton that has a touch of polyester in it, and is woven using techniques that ensure the jeans can recover from daily use. (In lay speak, that just means they’ll keep their shape well and return to it easily if you stretch them out.) Over the past month or so, I’ve been wearing and laundering a pair of Monfrere’s straight-fit jeans, and they’re some of the most comfortable things in my rotation. I also can’t say enough about the fit: the straight style has just enough taper to look modern, but not so much that you couldn’t wear them with, say, a pair of Chelsea boots. I wouldn’t recommend going rock climbing in them, but if you find yourself lunging after an unruly toddler or running after an Uber unexpectedly, you can rest easy knowing you won’t rip a seam.


But perhaps the best part is that you can find them almost anywhere else you’d get your luxury menswear fix. Barneys, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus all carry the brand here in the States, and Selfridges has you covered in the UK. Consider the hunt for your next pair of jeans over.

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