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Robb Recommends: The Long Underwear Line That Keeps You Just as Warm as You Want to Be

Just because they're affordable doesn't mean they're not the best you can get.

Uniqlo's HeatTech Long Johns are some of the best a man can get. Uniqlo
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Just because we deal in the best of the best here at Robb Report doesn’t mean we have our heads in the clouds. Because even though luxury often comes at a cost, price isn’t always a reliable indicator of quality—or luxury. And every now and again, we find ourselves in the position of steering friends and family members away from products that seem like a good investment (high-priced, wonderfully pedigreed, etc.) in favor of something much more accessible.

Such is the case with Uniqlo’s excellent HeatTech long johns. They’re certainly not the most expensive thermal underwear in the world, but they do offer best-in-class warmth and functionality. For starters, they’re available in three different levels of warmth, meaning you can buy pairs suited to your climate—or your personal tolerance for cold. And it’s hard not to ignore that the men’s versions are all equipped with a fly; some much more expensive pairs can’t even say that.

But perhaps the best thing about them is that even in their warmest iteration, they’re remarkably thin. (I have all three variants, which is handy for those periods of winter where it’s 30 degrees one day and -17 the next). This means if you have a pair of wool trousers that you’d normally only wear through November, a pair of the Ultra Warm tights can help you keep wearing them well into January—saving you the time and effort of having to find a thicker alternative.


If you live in a cold region that’s only going to get colder, do yourself a favor and buy a few pairs of these as soon as you can.

Buy Now (Regular): $20

Buy Now (Extra Warm): $25

Buy Now (Ultra Warm): $30

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