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British Designer Scott Fraser Is Coming to Brooklyn for His First US Pop-Up Shop

The designer is bringing Americana-inspired wares across the pond for a four-day residency.

Models and the designer in pieces from Scott Fraser Collection. Scott Fraser Collection

The British are coming—to Brooklyn. More specifically, London-based designer Scott Fraser Simpson is bringing his eponymous line of vintage-inspired, made-to-order clothing to The Brooklyn Circus, which will host the label for its first U.S. pop-up from May 19 to 22.

According to Simpson, this inaugural skip across the pond is long overdue. “Ever since we started SFC back in 2013, there’s always been an interest in what we were doing from the US,” he tells Robb Report. “As we started to build up a loyal following throughout the States and more boxes were going out each week over the Atlantic, it only felt like a matter of time before we came.”

Interestingly, he says that his Scott Fraser Collection—which has become known for its retro-style knit shirts and wide-leg, high-waisted trousers—receives a majority of its business from the US, to the tune of 65 percent of orders placed.

Designer Scott Fraser Simpson in his "Corta" jacket (from £245) and wide-legged trousers (from £233).

Designer Scott Fraser Simpson, left, in his “Corta” jacket (from £245) and wide-leg trousers (from £233).  Scott Fraser Collection

“I don’t do any formal marketing or sponsorship—it’s all word of mouth and people being genuinely interested in the look,” Simpson says of his stateside popularity. It may help that much of the merchandise—including two knit shirts modeled after pieces worn by Ray Liotta in Goodfellas—is informed by a certain sense of Americana. As Simpson puts it, “A touch of nostalgia without it being costume-y or dress-up.”

“So much of what I collect is vintage American: the Italian knits, the patterned resort shirts, pleated Ivy, collegiate style trousers and zoot pants. It all distills down into what we create,” says the designer, who frequently takes design cues from his own vintage finds.


Through the course of the four-day residency, Simpson and his team will be on-site to help clients find their proper size in his made-to-order clothing. To assist with this, he’s bringing a full size run of his empire waist peg trousers and classic wide-leg trousers, as well as references for his partner jackets, new summer shirting and all other trouser and short models. Clients will also have the opportunity to view fabric options and swatch samples.

Retro statement shirts are a Scott Fraser Collection signature.

Retro statement shirts are a Scott Fraser Collection signature.  Scott Fraser Collection

In addition, Simpson will be debuting a new made-to-order jacket model, which can be paired with any of the existing trouser types to form a two-piece suit. It is available in two configurations: a low-buttoning, 4×1 double-breasted jacket that takes design cues from the ‘40s and the ‘80s and a two-button, single-breasted jacket with large patch pockets and a generous length to harmonize with high-waisted trousers.

While orders for the MTO garments will be fulfilled in a matter of weeks, Simpson is bringing a small haul of in-stock pieces that can be purchased on-site and worn out the door. These include his high-waisted denim jeans, slim leather belts, and both of the “Icon Series” knit shirts inspired by Goodfellas.

In keeping with the brand’s laidback ethos, no appointments are necessary. But you may want to reserve space on your calendar for a party on the evening of May 20, which will celebrate the pop-up’s launch and, according to Simpson, provide “refreshments, good vibes and a chance for us all to meet.”

Not to read too far into the tea leaves, but we have the feeling this won’t be the last time Simpson pays NYC a visit.

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