Berd Vaye: Where Watchmaking and Sculpture Collide

Vintage watch parts cast in resin turn watchmaking into the ultimate home décor.

In recent years we’ve seen a significant expansion of artists with a penchant for horological creations—obscure creations from Watch Parts Motorcycles, and edgy paintings from Marcus B. Williams, among others—but when we stumbled across Berd Vaye at this year’s Watch Time New York exhibition we were instantly smitten. Their unique and understated sculptures capture the mechanical essence of watchmaking past and present in a manner only describable as organized chaos.

In business since 2014, Berd Vaye’s creations (from $2,700) incorporate vintage watch parts into cast resin structure, whether square, round, in the shape of a skull, or event as a flat framed surface. What makes matters more interesting is the fact that the brand has the ability to tailor the supplied components to the buyer in question. Translation: if your passion is for vintage or modern creations from a particular brand, Berd Vaye is able to create a sculpture featuring only components from said brand.


Berd Vaye Time Squared cubes

Berd Vaye Time Squared  Photo: Courtesy Berd Vaye

The process of creating these sculptures takes roughly 3-4 weeks, all told, with manufacturing being completed in a dedicated facility in North America where the Lucite structures are cast and hand polished. In their last three years of business the company’s retail presence has expanded to include a broad swath of watch retailers throughout the United States.

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