Best Of The Best 2006: Command Performance

De Bethune founders Denis Flageollet and David Zanetta have classical tastes. Although they virtually revolutionized the aesthetics of the mechanical movement with the artfully curved plates of their first caliber, their initial inclination was to cover it with a solid case back. However, they wisely heeded the advice of Monaco’s Prince Albert, who provided input on many of the special pieces in last year’s Antiquorum charity auction and spurred the creation of the De Bethune DBS. At the prince’s suggestion, De Bethune removed the dial and reversed the position of the movement, exposing its symmetrical, arcing plates. De Bethune has discovered that many aficionados consider the movement the most interesting aspect of the watch, even more compelling than the company’s dials, despite the effort that goes into making the latter. Thanks to the wisdom of a sovereign prince, you can admire De Bethune’s signature movement without taking off your watch.

De Bethune




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