BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style |Men’s Watches | Conceptual Innovation: Arnold & Son Time Pyramid

While the artistic placement of essential components has been a long-standing specialty of certain watchmakers, rarely has this practice been applied to such striking effect as in the Time Pyramid ($40,350) by the newly reinvigorated watch brand Arnold & Son. This model perfectly illustrates lead movement developer Sébastien Chaulmontet’s sophisticated approach to design, which involves refreshing concepts developed by the brand’s 18th-century namesake, John Arnold, with a variety of modernistic touches. Accordingly, the Time Pyramid bears a passing resemblance to the glass-domed skeleton clocks popular in 19th-century Britain, but its contents exhibit contemporary forms and finishes. No training is required to appreciate the logic and symmetry of the timepiece’s gears, which run from the unusual bilateral power-reserve indications through the power barrels and up the vertical gear train to the balance wheel situated at the apex, where it naturally seems to belong. (213.622.1133, www.arnoldandson.com)



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