BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style |Men’s Watches |Technical Innovation: Urwerk EMC

It takes a great deal of confidence to defy watchmaking’s current dogma, which demands that only purely mechanical timepieces be taken seriously from a horological standpoint. Avant-garde watchmaker Urwerk’s EMC watch ($125,000), however, manages to subvert such edicts by employing electronic components to improve the performance of its mechanics and, in doing so, remind the owner of its notable precision. An optical sensor, which is charged by means of a winding handle, measures the rate of the watch on demand, while a separate control allows the wearer to adjust the rate to perfect accuracy through a direct connection to the index on the balance. Not only does Urwerk place its focus on mechanical precision—the most credible currency in watchmaking—but the company has created a fascinating interactive timepiece that will be as often in its owner’s hands as on his wrist. (310.205.5555, http://www.urwerk.com)



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