BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style | Women’s Watches | Conceptual Innovation: Bulgari Berries

As the owner of a major complicated-watchmaking facility, Bulgari, like many other Swiss watchmakers, might have been tempted to release a scaled-down men’s watch as a rote entry into the developing women’s-complication market (a common industry practice). Fortunately for the casual consumer and collector alike, the jewelry house instead developed entirely new timepieces. On their exteriors, the Berries Tourbillon ($181,000) and Berries Jumping Hour (shown; $71,000) combine sculptural watchcases with the palette of colored-stone jeweling that the brand made famous in the 1970s. The movements possess the pedigree of Bulgari’s workshops in Switzerland’s famous Vallée de Joux, but the soul of Berries is purely Italian. These watches are the closest Bulgari has yet come to translating the design aesthetic of its famous jewelry into the vernacular of horology. (866.372.6344, www.bulgari.com)

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