Best of the Best 2011: Men’s Watches: Chopard L.U.C. Engine One

The design of the Chopard L.U.C. Engine One (800.246.7273, www.chopard.com) might be more elaborate than those of Chopard’s other L.U.C. watches, which match the reserved demeanor of company copresident Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. But the theme of that design—automotive mechanics—still suits Scheufele, a classic-car and car-racing enthusiast. The $80,760 timepiece sports a tourbillon movement with plating and bridging designed to look like a racetrack, and a spinning tourbillon cage that recalls a radiator fan. The movement even sits on silent elastomer blocks that serve as shock absorbers by decoupling the movement from the watch’s case. Despite these flights of fancy, which are visible through the upper crystal, the form of the titanium case is not overdone, and the basic mechanism of Chopard’s well-regarded tourbillons remains intact.

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