Best of the Best 2011: Women’s Watches: DeWitt Dame de Pressy

Though it was one of DeWitt’s early designs, the case of Dame de Pressy is a shape that the company did not produce in large numbers. But when paired with a skeletonized movement, the resulting ladies’ watch exhibits a visual energy that its designers probably never intended. The skeleton format employed in the 25-piece limited edition DeWitt Dame de Pressy (305.572.9812, www.dewitt.ch; $87,900) has been occasionally derided for its idiosyncrasies and illegibility, but in this case, it both surprises and enchants. The smooth, organic form of the Pressy case fits like a skin over the skeleton movement, providing a balance—as well as an adherence to lasting watchmaking values—that most elaborately designed ladies’ pieces fail to attain. The surface of the case perfectly accommodates the watch’s pavé diamonds, which complement the engraved oval bezel and the traditional engraving on the skeletonized movement’s plates and bridges.

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