Best of the Best 2012: Men’s Watches: Functionality: Breguet Classique Hora Mundi 5717

The multitude of world-time watches released over the last few months exhibit varying degrees of beauty and functionality, but one watch in particular seems to have been amply blessed with both. As the Classique Hora Mundi 5717 by Breguet ($89,700 for platinum; $75,100 for rose gold) switches instantaneously from one programmed time zone to another, its city, date, and day/night indicators change accordingly. The watch performs this function elegantly, without impacting its rate, even if the wearer changes locations incessantly. The large-scale lacquered globe—available in three versions, depending on owner preference and geographic location—fits perfectly into the familiar Breguet dial layout. Indeed, the world-time display in no way interferes with the watch’s primary purpose, which is to serve as an elegant timepiece, no matter where on Earth its wearer wanders. (866-458-7488, www.breguet.com)

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