Best Things First: Watch Winder

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The one thing they never tell you when you purchase an ultralong power reserve watch is how infernally long it takes to wind it. Until now, owners of such manual-wind timepieces could only look wistfully at the automatic pieces in their collection, blissfully turning in their winding boxes—no hands required. For those who have trouble reconciling luxury watch collecting with carpal tunnel syndrome, Orbita Corp., one of the leading makers of automatic winding boxes, has a solution.

The Sempre winder is the first device designed specifically for fine manual-wind watches. Fitted with a set of mechanical fingers that grasp the crown, as well as an electronic system to sense resistance and prevent overwinding, the Sempre affords the other (and sometimes more complicated and expensive) part of your collection the same care that the automatics have enjoyed for years. 


Orbita Corp.


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